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What to Expect during Your Child’s Stay at Acadia Hospital

Through Acadia Hospital’s Child and Adolescent Inpatient Unit, we provide psychiatric assessment and treatment for patients with emotional or behavioral challenges that cannot be managed in an outpatient setting. During your child’s stay at Acadia, we focus on stabilizing the crisis and making recommendations and referrals that allow the patients to continue their treatment back in the community.

We know it can be hard for both the family and the child when one is admitted to Acadia Hospital’s Inpatient Unit. What can sometimes help ease the transition is knowing what to expect during your child’s stay at Acadia Hospital.

About Acadia’s Inpatient Unit
The Acadia’s Child and Adolescent Unit is located on the second floor of the hospital. The unit has 32 beds and is divided into three sections; adolescent boys, adolescent girls, and a co-ed unit for children under the age of 12. We place patients within the unit that is the best fit for their treatment needs, age and developmental level. There are doors separating the units, and each unit has patient rooms, offices, a nursing station, and group rooms. The doors opening into the units, as well as between the units, are all locked to ensure patient safety. 
The Inpatient Unit has a psychiatric Medical Director who supervises the clinical care. A Nurse Manager is responsible for the nursing and psychiatric technician staff, and for keeping with the policies and procedures of the daily routine. 
Care and Treatment in the Inpatient Unit
Each patient and family works with a treatment team made up of specialists trained to work with youth and families. The team is led by either a psychiatrist or a psychiatric nurse practitioner who works closely with a psychiatrist. The other members involved in the treatment include a therapist, a discharge planner, and the nurses and psychiatric technicians who work on the floor.
Much of the therapeutic work is done in a group setting to address the common needs of the patients. However, treatment is individualized for each case based on the needs of the individual and the family. In addition to group, individual, and family therapies, the youth will have a medication evaluation done, and the team will discuss with you if they have recommendations regarding medication management in the hospital.
The psychiatric nurses and technicians work closely with the youth on the Inpatient Unit. They monitor symptoms and medical conditions, they assess and maintain safety for all the patients, they assist in the groups, and they have the most direct contact with the youth throughout the day. 
Admission physicals, medical evaluations and treatment of medical conditions are done by Family Nurse Practitioners (FNPs) under the supervision of a Family Practice primary care provider. The FNPs work in consultation and conjunction with the patient’s psychiatric treatment team.
The Inpatient Unit at Acadia Hospital also has occupational therapy services.  When indicated, the Occupational Therapist can do an evaluation or screening to recommend individual and/or group interventions tailored to the needs of the individual patient.
Acadia collaborates with the Bangor Public School System to provide certified tutors to work with the patients during their stay. With the permission of the hometown school, the youth can work on current assignments, which helps them transition back to school once they are discharged.
Friends and Family’s Role at Acadia
The involvement of family and caregivers is crucial to the success of the child’s hospitalization at Acadia Hospital.  We encourage regular family meetings to collaborate on the care of the youth, hold family therapy sessions, and plan for the patient’s discharge and return to the community. 
We also encourage friends and family to visit to support the youth during the hospitalization. While sometimes the situation makes it difficult for family and patient visits, the staff at Acadia Hospital is happy to help make other arrangements, such as phone calls or supervised visits. The patient and the family, in consultation with the treatment team, decide who is allowed to call or visit during the hospital stay.
Due to the intense nature of the treatment at Acadia Hospital, it is important for the patients to participate in many therapeutic activities. This sometimes limits the patient’s ability to make or receive calls at certain times of the day. Staff will work with you and your child to arrange phone calls and visits around their treatment.

If you have any questions about what to expect during your child’s stay at Acadia, please feel free to contact us at (207)973-6100