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How the Referral Process Works

Here are three ways for youth to get referred for inpatient hospitalization at Acadia:  
  1. If your child is already a patient in one of the Acadia programs, you can speak with your provider about the need for hospitalization. Your provider can take the necessary steps to make the referral.
  2. If your child does not receive services at Acadia, you can call the Access Center at (207)973-6048 to discuss your concerns and need for services. The Access Center representative will set you up to meet with the appropriate person who can make the referral for your child. If your situation does not qualify for inpatient treatment, Acadia’s staff can offer recommendations and referrals for other ways to get your child help and support.
  3. If your child is having an emergency, you should use your local emergency service. Whether it is the closest hospital Emergency Room, or your local Crisis Team Hotline, your provider will assess and stabilize the situation, and then make the referral for inpatient hospitalization at Acadia.
Whichever path you take, a psychiatrist and a psychiatric nurse will review your child’s information to determine whether the youth can be hospitalized at Acadia Hospital.

Criteria for Youth Inpatient Hospitalization

While inpatient hospitalization might be useful for many situations, there must be an immediate safety concern—to either the patient or others— which requires this intensive level of care 24 hours a day. In addition, the youth must have a psychiatric illness that is causing the problem and requires stabilization in the hospital.  Finally, the youth must be able to have his or her needs met within the structure of the inpatient unit.
Sometimes a youth meets all of the criteria, but a bed is not available at the time of referral.  In those cases, options to explore include hospitalization at other facilities, a crisis placement, or waiting until appropriate accommodations are available at Acadia Hospital.