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Acadia Hospital and Bangor Symphony Orchestra Preparing to Launch New Music and Wellness Program

Posted: 11/05/2013

Bangor, ME – As part of the newly created Music and Wellness Program at Acadia Hospital, the Bangor Symphony Orchestra's Juniper String Quartet will make regular visits to the hospital beginning in November, performing a program ranging from classical to pop that will provide an opportunity for reflection, inspiration, and education for child and adolescent; and adult patient groups. The BSO musicians have planned their program in conjunction with Acadia staff to ensure a fulfilling and enriching experience.
In addition to holding sessions with patient groups, the Quartet will regularly play in open spaces such as the cafeteria or lobby, to the benefit of visitors and staff at Acadia Hospital. 
Acadia Hospital President and CEO Daniel B. Coffey recalls how the program concept was first developed, “It was at the January 2013 Chamber awards dinner when I met Lucas Richman, music director and conductor for the BSO. When he learned I was CEO at Acadia Hospital he shared with me work he had done with music and wellness programs with the Pittsburgh and Knoxville orchestras. He talked about the therapeutic effects on patients, caregivers, visitors and musicians through live musical performances. I quickly invited him to visit Acadia Hospital on his next trip to Bangor to discuss further his experience with music and wellness to explore a program for Acadia.”
In the mental health field, research has shown that music can improve the global state of patients, reduce stress hormone levels and feelings of agitation, and aid in verbalizing emotions. For caregivers and visitors, music helps create an uplifting environment and has the potential to relieve stress, much like the welcoming sight of the Anita Leonard Healing Garden at Acadia.
According to BSO Executive Director Brian Hinrichs, “The BSO is thrilled to be partnering with Acadia Hospital on this exciting new initiative. It is part of our mission to bring music out of the concert hall and into the community. For our musicians to play a role in the work Acadia does will prove exceptionally rewarding for all involved.”
Acadia Hospital is a fully accredited and licensed non-profit psychiatric hospital whose mission it is to empower people to improve their lives. For more information please go to: www.acadiahospital.org or www.acadiatheroadback.org.
The Bangor Symphony Orchestra’s mission is to provide Maine people with diverse musical experience and educational programs, and they have done so year after year since 1896.

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