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Acadia Hospital Invites NAMI-Maine to Help Improve Family Outreach

Posted: 02/24/2012

Bangor, ME – NAMI officials and Acadia Hospital pediatric representatives from inpatient, partial hospitalization and outpatient services met on Wednesday night, February 15th at Acadia Hospital with several parents of children who have received services at Acadia.
The purpose was to discuss approaches and ideas that will help Acadia improve outreach to families. This is part of a larger effort between NAMI and Acadia to engage, inform and support families in the care of their family members, regardless of age. These efforts include the creation of a Parent Handbook for children who are admitted to the inpatient unit and a welcome packet for patients of the hospital and their families.
Stephanie Bernier, Administrator of Pediatric Services, noted “It was an extremely helpful dialogue between the hospital and parents. We look at ways to improve processes, delivery of services and quality care each and every day. This was instrumental in providing us with a valuable perspective as we move forward.”
The listening session was facilitated by Christine Canty Brooks, NAMI Director of Peer and Family Support. Parents used four questions to generate ideas and feedback for Acadia staff .These questions were:
  1. What does Acadia do well in engaging you in the care of your child?
  2. At time of admission to hospital services what did you think the hospital staff was responsible for in your child’s treatment?
  3. What did see as your role in that treatment?
  4. What could Acadia staff do to better involve families in the treatment processes in all pediatric services?
A constructive and helpful discussion revealed a variety of good ideas and information. Next steps in the process of improving Acadia’s ability to engage families will involve NAMI and Acadia staff reviewing the information gathered and creating a plan to enact the improvements.

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